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Andrew Mullins, R&D Team Lead

R&D Team Lead - Andrew Mullins

Andrew Mullins is a 15 year veteran of the software industry. He has had 3 primary areas of focus over his career, which include multimedia development, business application development and industrial automation software. Like so many young people, Andrew’s path to a career in software began in a classroom, where he learned that hard work and dedication are the keys to success. His tenacious appetite for learning software development sent him on a journey, all his own, outside the classroom. Andrew started his career developing internal applications for a financial planning company and quickly moved into the development of intricate internet-facing user interfaces. As the internet matured, emerging technologies sparked Andrew’s interest and he struck out to learn and utilize those technologies on a number of web applications.

Andrew’s tenure with Brandon & Clark started in 2014, as a senior level software developer, working on a web application for the oil and gas industry. During his time with Brandon & Clark, his professional skillset has broadened, as he has grown into a new role within the R&D group. As the IT/R&D Manager, Andrew has continued to hone skills outside his core competency and has repeatedly shown his ability to adapt and overcome adversity in both project management and software development.