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SCI Rotor Bar Damage

SRMFA Case Study – Siemens-Allis 700hp Recondition

Our customer asked for their motor to be reconditioned before redeployment, as a precautionary measurement and as part of their SOP. SRMFA can assist with the mitigation of unnecessary setbacks in the motor repair process

SRMFA Technology Brief Slide 1

SRMFA Technology Brief

SRMFA technology was developed out of an industry need for accurate analysis and diagnosis of rotor condition. SRMFA lends itself to diagnosing common fabricated rotor failures such as broken or cracked bars or otherwise compromised

Rotor Lab Report

Rotor Lab Sample Report

Rotor Lab reports are automatically generated upon test completion. The report format is customizable and your branding will be added to the report through report preferences, in the Rotor Lab software. Report data is saved