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Motor Lab Power Measurement

Whether you’re a motor manufacturer or motor repair facility, a motor test lab is an integral part of your business. Whether you’re testing to high efficiency standards or you’re running motors in a “proof of run” scenario, your test lab will need power measurement capabilities.

Power Analyzer

At the high end, we utilize a lab grade power analyzer for capturing electrical performance data. This device is capable of 0.1% accuracy and performs advanced calculations utilizing thousands of samples per second. We capture snapshots of this data at set intervals and retain all of this data for future reference/analysis. Primarily, though, we retrieve Volts, Amps, Power Factor and both Apparent and Reactive Power.

Power Meter

A power meter is an all-in-one measurement device, not dissimilar from the aforementioned power analyzer. It combines the functionality of a voltmeter, ammeter, and wattmeter; giving you much of the same data as the power analyzer but with slightly less accuracy at around 0.5%.

ETL offers solutions to suit YOUR individual testing needs and budget.