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SRMFA Case Study – Siemens-Allis 700hp Recondition

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July, 2020
700 HP \ 2300 VAC \ 1785 RPM

Job Description

Our customer asked for their motor to be reconditioned before redeployment, as a precautionary measurement and as part of their SOP.

Testing and Assessment

The rotor was SRMFA tested as part of standard diagnostic procedure and was found to have a single cracked bar, at the welded endring interface. The resultant SRMFA color map definitively reveals the defective bar in the #9 slot. This rotor defect could have easily been overlooked, only to show up as part of vibration analysis during proof-of-run testing, wasting valuable time. The Brandon & Clark team did a superb job of following procedure and catching this defect early in the reconditioning process.

Rotor Bar Damage

SRMFA Test Results

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