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SRMFA Case Study – Westinghouse 600hp Rebuild

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May, 2018
600 HP \ 4160 VAC \ 3555 RPM

Job Description

Complete rotor rebuild with new core steel and rotor bars. Rotor was refurbished. Brandon & Clark performed SRMFA via Rotor Lab both before and after repair.

Testing and Assessment

Our standard visual inspection procedure revealed enough damage to warrant a complete rebuild. Although this rotor could be sufficiently diagnosed by trained in-house personnel, the visual inspection is only effective for a subset rotor cage designs where the end ring interface is sufficiently exposed for inspection. A visual inspection is a good tool for diagnosing a rotor failure, but is insufficient for accurate reporting of complete rotor condition and has proven unreliable in detection of minor defects.

Before Rotor Rebuild

After Rotor Rebuild

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