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Motor Test Labs
Engineered for Your Needs

We engineer custom motor testing solutions ranging from NEMA class test stations to 10,000hp+ solutions, with a safety first design approach.

Motor Lab v2.0

ETL can assist you from the earliest phases of design through the completed installation of your test lab. Once your lab has been provisioned, we can assist further with both virtual and on-site training for your staff. From the shop floor to the sales floor, we’re here to make certain you’re getting the most from your custom solution.

When configuring your custom solution, you’ll be presented with more options than you ever thought possible. Because we understand this hurdle and we value your time, we have put together a step-by-step motor lab builder that will mitigate this pain point and provide you with a complete snapshot of your custom solution’s capabilities.

Already have a motor test lab and looking to upgrade?

ETL Motor Test Lab
ETL Motor Test Lab at Brandon & Clark's Facility in Lubbock, TX
Our ETL NEMA-class motor test lab just works and my customers love the detailed reports.
- Joel, TX
Our customers demand answers. Our ETL test lab provides those answers.
- Keith, TX

Explore Your Engineered Solution

Let the ETL engineering team design your custom motor testing solution