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ETL will upgrade your test lab to suite the needs of today’s customer and exceed testing standards in every category.

ETL Motor Lab Retrofit Process

Our seasoned team of experts will breathe new life into your antiquated equipment through a process of discovery, assessment, engineering, implementation and support.


We’ll have a project kick-off meeting to discuss your requirements, procedures and future ambitions. This meeting will help us scope the project and prime our team for a successful next phase, assessment.


During this phase, we will schedule an on-site assessment and discuss with your team your current procedures, pain points and shortcomings. A completed assessment will provide our team with the necessary understanding and information with which we will generate an itemized proposal and scope of work.


At this point, our team has a solid grasp of “where we are” and “where we are going”. Our engineers and technicians will work together to step through a series of design steps that will document the process of transitioning to your new ETL motor test lab. This step ensures a smooth implementation phase and provides valuable documentation for future reference.


This is the point where your vision comes to life. Our technicians will be busy building your new control panel(s), putting final touches on your custom report(s) and steadily crafting your engineered solution.


Now that your test lab has been provisioned, we will assist you with the transition to your new equipment. We understand that change is hard and that your employees will need training to better utilize your new lab. We provide a library of documentation and have a team ready to support you at every turn.

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